A new intelligent way to manage and engage your students

Simplifying student management, for you to focus on just one thing - teaching.

Attendance, staff time-sheets,
class notes, all in real-time

Attendance can be easily marked from the mobile app; a little on the cloud, not only updates in real-time but also generates staff time-sheets, student attendance history and calculates amounts receivable.

Invoicing made incidental

Prepaid classes. Students can prepay for their classes and Reportcard will automatically remind them to top up, when running out of balance.

Postpaid classes. Reportcard highlights unpaid classes, for each student, and lets you invoice them with just one click.

Packages & Discounts. Bundle your subjects into attractive packages. Plus, apply discounts whenever needed.

Actionable insights. Instantly.

See beautifully visualised reports on student progress, sales efforts, staff performance and finances. Get alerted on deviations. And instantly drill down to the root causes. Personalize interactions to increase engagement.

Efficacy in enquiry management

Stop letting enquiries slip through the cracks. Easily capture all details and log interactions in one single location. You can visually manage leads, with boards, and set reminders to engage at the right time.

Reportcard integrates with apps you love

Get reportcard alerts and reminders directly in slack channels.

Share google drive resources directly with students and staff in reportcard.

Export students, parents and leads to email marketing campaigns.

Share Dropbox resources directly with students and staff in reportcard.

Plenty more integrations on the way.

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